4 commenti su “Alle porte di una terra terra di favole e streghe

  1. Wonderful photographs; though on about half of the images I would have felt more comfortable with a lessening of your ‘Tone Mapping’. A little make the image “pop”; VERY STRONG effects make the image more about the enhancement, less about what you saw when you made your picture in the first place. Just as a suggestion: you may find that by first making a copy of your original image as a separate layer you convert to a ‘Smart Object’, then enhancing that layer AND LATER reduce its opacity *above your original image* below the Smart Object layer. This way, Giussepe, you get to make a more subtle “hybrid” of the two. (I can direct you to a 12 minute screencast I made that explains my preferred workflow between Lightroom and Photoshop and whatever enhancement-plugins one cares to work with. I don’t want to do that here in my initial comments. That’s too spam’y.) Cheers, mm

    "Mi piace"


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